Review to 22nd KitzAlpBike MTB Marathon

Saturday, 24th June 2017

The KitzAlpBike Marathon 2017 was once again one of the main events of the season: around 800 starters for the marathon took on the challenge this year in the 5 distances.
For the first time, E-bike fans could also look forward to their own category.
Additionally this year found a new attendance record on the sidelines.
At the hotspot on the marathon route at the Choralpe in Westendorf, over 1,000 fans supported and cheered on the mountain bikers.
The weather did the rest: Lovely warm temperatures gave the athletes dream conditions.
  • Startaufstellung
  • Noch kurz beratschlagen
  • der Countdown läuft...
  • Die ersten Sonnenstrahlen

Results of the men's race

Name Time Year
1st place Tony Longo (IT) 4:19:42,8 1984
2nd place Massimo Debertolis (IT) 4:39:00,6 1975
3rd place WolfgangKrenn (AT) 4:41:02,7 1986
  • Motivierende Fans und Zuschauer applaudieren den Fahrern
  • Die Fans warten schon auf die Teilnehmer
  • Ein harter Anstieg zur Choralpe
  • Labestation an der Wiegalm
  • Anstieg auf den Hahnenkamm, im Hintergrund der Seidlalmsee
  • Eine kurze Verschnaufpause bei der Labestation

Results of the women's race

Name Time Year
1st place Angelika Tazreiter (AT) 5:21.38,0 1987
2nd place Jana Zieschank (GER) 6:24.43,6 1977
3rd place Gloria Hänsel (GER) 6:28.53,2 1975

New spectator record on the course

1,000 enthusiastic fans gathered this year at the hotspot of the marathon, on the Choralpe (1,710 m) in Westendorf to cheer on the mountain bikers.
This steep section of the track also goes by the name "sliding route" and provides spectators with spectacular views of the race course and the impressive, surrounding mountains.
New audience records were also seen on the Fleckalm Trail, in the finish area and around the Ehrenbachhöhe.

"We are particularly pleased with the development of spectators over the last few years along the route,
as it is really the viewers who ensure that the race is an unforgettable experience for the cyclists,"
said Max Salcher, head of organization of the KitzAlpBike Marathon.
  • Verpflegung an der Labestation
  • Zieleinlauf
  • Fix und fertig im Ziel angelangt
  • Nach dem Rennen haben sich die Teilnehmer eine Massage wohlverdient
  • Expo-Area am Parkdeck der Fleckalmbahn
  • Große Erleichterung im Ziel
  • Wadenmassage

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