1.) Eligibility:
Entry is only valid when the entry fee has been paid in full.

2.) Disclaimer:
Organisers, promoters, helpers and sponsors, as well as their representatives and agents, are liable only for intentional or grossly negligent behaviour. Any further liability is excluded.

3.) Provisions of the Road Traffic Regulations, Motor Vehicles Act and Rules & Regulations for Cyclists and their Vehicles:
It should be noted that parts of the event take place on public roads and therefore road traffic regulations, as well as regulations regarding the technical conditions of bicycles apply.

4.) Instructions of the event organiser:
Instructions of stewards and race marshals to be followed at all times.

5.) Copyright:
Photos, video recordings and interviews made with participants during the event can be used by print media, radio, television and other mass media, as well as for advertising with no claim for remuneration and for an indefinite period of time.

6.) Cancellation of the race:
In case of cancellation of the event due to circumstances beyond our control (force majeure) or cancellation, the participants are not entitled to a refund of the entry fee or for compensation for other expenses incurred eg. travel or accommodation.

7.) Helmet compulsory:
Wearing a helmet during the race is compulsory.

8.) Insurance cover:
The participants are recommended to take out liability insurance.

9.) Privacy:
Each participant agrees to his data being stored, electronically processed and also passed on.
Participants agree to the sending of electronic mail - including text messages - by both the organiser and third parties to whom the data has been shared.
Furthermore, the data protection regulations of our data processor Datasport apply.

10.) The rules of the Austrian Cycling Federation (ÖRV) apply to the race

11.) Important:
As a participant you confirm that you will only take part in the event if you are healthy and do not show any symptoms of COVID-19 and have not had direct contact with ill people in the days before the race.

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